Hefei Debo Bioenergy Science&Technology Co.,ltd is a high technology and software enterprise ,which specialize in new/green energy engineering and products . We mainly engage in R&D, Manufacturing , selling and operator of new energy  products .50 patents are awarded to us . The Subsidiary Company are “Hefei Debo New Energy Institute”, ”Debo Bioenergy Machinery Co.,ltd “Hefei Debo Biomass Gas Operator Co.,ltd ”. Our technology is to use rice husk ,fruit shell, palm shell, kinds of straw, sugar-cane, MSW, sludge ,inferior coal as feedstock to produce fuel gas (under the condition of high temperature and isolated oxygen) instead of coal,diesel , petroleum oil, natural gas, LPG, Electricity and so on. The fuel gas can be used to supply electricity , heat (steam, hot water, hot air ) or directly used for industry  and residents 

    At present, Our company has 80 Fixed Employee . There are 20 professional technician who major in R&D, 1 Academician , 4 professors ,5 persons with doctor degree . 93% of staff have bachelor degree or above. From the beginning of Establishment , Our staff understand Scientific technology is first production ability .so, we have a close cooperation with many famous university and research institute ,like Nanjing Forestry university, China Engineering Academy,  Bioenergy research center of Science and Technology University of China. Science and Technology agency of Anhui approved to establish academician workstation in our company. 

   At Present, We already installed over 50 units successful engineering cases in domestic and oversea, such as South Asia, European and So on. We create many “first ” in the new energy field. The first one to install the project using biomass gas to burn boiler, furnace and Kilns ,the first one to install the project using biomass gas for dryer and metal smelting , the first one to install the project using biomass gas to combust with pulverized coal. The first one to use circulation fluidized bed gasifier to gasify inferior coal, sludge incineration, MSW Gasification(Solve the Secondary Pollution of Dioxin). We are the developer of the biggest biomass fixedbed gasifier and high speed circulation fluidized bed gasifier in Asian .we also develop integrated system to output electricity , heat ,bio-char ,liquid ,bio-fertilizer .the bio-char has high carbon content ,which is used to produce activated carbon, bring big economical benefits .

   We persist in the concept of Human-Centered & Operate with Morality. Talents are the basis of our development.  To satisfy Clients requirements is our greatest wish .We are doing our efforts to turn our company to be manufacturing base in whole China and even be worldwide head designer , manufacturer of bioenergy system 

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